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Grass Fed Minced Beef


Freshly minced from whole cuts of chuck giving an 85% to 15% lean to fat content ratio. Minced chuck steak is a great option for Bolognese, burgers or meatballs.

Portion: Think 250g per adult.

Provenance: North Yorkshire.


Need some wine to go with your meal? We've put together a lovely selection, including a rather nice Pinot Noir - click here to check it out now.


Try this bean and beef chilli recipe by Mimi's Bowl who writes modern baby and toddler friendly recipes from her home in West London.

Or how about using your mince to make chilli beef nachos? A perfect snack for watching sport or chilling with Netflix. Click here for the recipe.

Chilli Beef Nachos


Need some tinned toms or some pasta to go with your mince? Check out our Store Cupboard for some amazing finds and some brilliant staples (there's even coffee!).

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Heat some oil in your pan, then add your mince. The mince will start to break down in the pan. As the mince cooks keep stirring it around the pan as the mince slowly browns (8-10 minutes). Continue stirring it until it eventually it all turns brown.  


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