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April Steak Club | Bone-in Ribeye | 850g


April's Steak Club coincides with Great British Beef Week, so we've selected some amazing ex-dairy Friesian cows from Thainstone in Scotland, aged for 30+ days.

We only have limited stock of these epic bone-in ribeyes; when they're gone, they're gone! Order now to avoid disappointment.

We've also picked a delicious red wine, a super deep, indulgent style of Rhone Syrah to go with this steak. There's only a couple of cases, so click here to get a bottle or two added to your order.


Dairy cows have a tough life, always pregnant, calves taken away, milked, being impregnated. Once the cow is 'spent', no longer producing an economical dairy yield, they would normally go to cheap mince or dog and cat food. We take that same cow and let her retire on grass with all the hardships of dairy production removed, until she gets fat and old.

A dual purpose cow (dairy and meat) meals less C02 as usually there would be one cow for dairy production and another for meat.

Older cow means more fat, higher fat content resulting in more marbling and more flavour.

Balance is towards a rich, deep flavour. The taste has an element of "length", meaning the flavour stays with you.


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