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Q - I can’t add a product to my cart?
Some products are of limited availability, some may require additional notice for ordering and some are date restricted, in which case it will be noted in the product’s description. On a rare occasion quantities might just need adjusting on our website – please drop us an email or call us, we’ll be happy to confirm availability and amend your order, if need be.
 Q- It does not allow me to checkout (from the cart) ?
Please ensure your order is of a minimum of £30.
Please enter your post code in capitals with a space between 2 parts of the
post code, i.e. NW10(space)6QN.
Please ensure we deliver to your area by checking your post code is on
UK or London post codes list. 
Q - It says you don’t deliver to my post code? 
Please check your post code is within our UK or London post codes list. If it is or you believe it should be, please contact us and we will happily
review it.
Q - Date for delivery is not available on the calendar...
Cut off point for London same day delivery is 10:00am and for UK next day delivery 12:00pm. We do not deliver in London on Sundays and not on
Mondays and Sundays within UK.
Some products are date restricted, i.e. bread. Please check you do not have these products in your cart – information available in the product
Your chosen date might be full. We have limited daily delivery slots.
Although we always try to extend these according to demand, some busy periods might reach capacity. You can always contact us to double check
Q -I can’t proceed to Delivery Method page at the checkout...
Please ensure all required details are provided on the information page.
Please check your post code is correct and matches the one you used to check out with, in the cart section.
If using a discount code, please ensure your order’s total is of a minimum
of £30 after the discount is applied.
Q - I can’t proceed to Payment page at the checkout?
If using a discount code, please ensure your order’s total is of a minimum
of £30 after the discount is applied.
Q -A warning message comes up that does not apply to my order
 and it does not allow me to check out?
Although we’re constantly working on improving and customising our
website, at times an automated notification is generated by the platform,
content of which may not necessarily be correct. However, it means
something has gone wrong and your order or information provided must
be reviewed.
Please try to apply other troubleshooting solutions listed here.
Q -Why am I being charged a delivery fee?
We offer free delivery service whenever possible however, to be able to
provide best quality product and service, we must factor in often high
logistics costs. Therefore, orders under £50 carry a delivery fee; UK
Saturday orders are significantly more expensive to deliver hence the
higher £100 free delivery threshold.
Please refer to delivery charges outlined
in London and Nationwide Delivery sections.
Q - I’m being charged higher delivery fee than expected
At times, when using a discount code, your order may fall into a higher
delivery charge threshold, after the discount has been applied. If this is the
case, please contact us and we will happily review whether we can adjust
the amount we charge your order at accordingly.
Q -My payment is not being accepted
Payment method accepted: all major cards, except Diners Club; PayPal,
GooglePay, ShopPay, ApplePay(on Apple devices).
Please ensure your billing details are correct
in line with your payment method.
If all above checks out, please contact your bank.
Q -My discount code does not work
Please ensure you’re using the correct discount code, within its expiry
date and check out with an email address it was sent/applied to.
Some discount codes are not valid in conjunction with other promotions. 
Q- I did not get my order confirmation email
Please check your spam/junk folder of the email account used at the
Q- I did not get an ETA notification
Estimated delivery time window is sent on the day of delivery. You will find
detailed information in the Delivery type section of this page.
Please check your spam/junk folder of the email account used at the
Text notification is only sent if your correct mobile number has been
provided at the checkout.
Q- I will not be home at the time of delivery
London deliveries – please call us. We will do our best to make alternative
arrangements. Please note on a rare occasion, we might not be able to,
due to logistical restrictions.
UK deliveries – please use a link provided in the DPD delivery notification
to nominate a neighbour or specify a safe place to leave your order in.
Q -I want to change my order or delivery date
Once order is placed, unfortunately you are unable to change it via our
website. However, we are more than happy to change it for you with a
sufficient notice provided. Please note orders cannot be amended after
Q- I cancelled my order but did not get a refund
In most cases, when order is cancelled, the payment has still not been
captured, meaning it has only been authorised and it’s in your pending
transactions. Hence there is no need for a refund as the money will be
automatically moved back to your account by your bank.
Q -My order is missing some items
Please check the total weight of the product, at times cuts may be bigger
resulting in less pieces but overall weight being as ordered.
Please also check the quantity number on the label as sometimes multiple
pieces of the same product are packed together.
Otherwise please contact us and we will find the best possible resolution. 
Q- I did not receive my order on the day it was scheduled
Please check delivery date and shipping details in your order confirmation
Please check if your order hasn’t been received by other household
member, been delivered to a neighbour or left in a safe place. The last 2
eventualities would only occur if requested by customer.
UK orders – in the first instance please check with DPD using the link in
their notifications. When this fails please contact us directly.
London orders – please contact us directly.
 Q - I’m having troubles using your website...
Please try clearing cookies and cache in your browser (or Ctrl+F5)
If you have not found an answer above, please contact us:
email or call 0751 4092 770 
Monday to Saturday 8:30am-4:30pm.