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March Steak Club | Spanish theme special - Galician Beef and Iberico Presa

This month's Steak Club has a Spanish theme and is the ultimate combo of premium Galician beef and Iberian pork.
Our supplier has given us a rare opportunity to get some prized pesa from the Iberico pigs so we thought we would share this very special cut with you to complement this incredible Galician beef in the popular chop cut we used for the last Steak Club.
Our Galician Chops are only cut from the first eight ribs, to ensure you get the punchiest, boldest flavour and the best marbling. We've stocked Discarlux branded Galician beef on and off for a couple of years at Provenance - basically whenever we can get our hands on it! The creamy yellow fat carries the complex grassy taste or the rich pasture on Galicia in Spain, and the dark, succulent meat that peeps through from the rich marbling reveals it's complexity once heat, ideally open flame, has been judiciously applied! If you've had it before, then you know!
We have managed to bag a very limited supply of the prized Presa cut from arguably Spain's finest producer; Cinco Jotas. The presa is an oval shaped cut found in loin and the shoulder of the pata negra pig. It's marbled, tender, flavoursome and there's only two 500g pieces from each pig, so it's a scarce commodity. Sear it hard and eat it slightly pink, or reverse sear and finish hot, you will not be disappointed. We think the presa sits in the perfect sweet spot between the Secreto which can be a tab too fatty for some, and the Iberico chop that has a tighter grain than the secreto. This cut of pork is as good as any steak you'll eat and deserves to be every accolade.

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