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February Steak Club 22 | 9 year old Black Forest Simmental Chop approx 1kg

This beef needs to be delivered by this Saturday 26th and eaten by Sunday 27th Feb at the latest.
Suitable for freezing up to three months.
This month's beef has come from The Black Forest of Germany, bounded by the Rhine vally to the west and south, and close to the borders of Switzerland and France.

It's not just dark chocolate and cherry flavoured cakes that come out of the black forest, they also produce some wonderful flavoured and hard to come by beef too! This nine year old simmental cow is a perfect example of how abundant pasture and a long life can imbue a breed often mistaken to be "large and lean" with incredible marbling and complexity.

There are only two of these cows in the country right now! This beef has incredible marbling, a nutty taste with a sweet flavour in the fat, absolutely incredible steak for the steak-lovers! 

We're simply calling this bone-in cut a "Chop", as we will be working our way through the single 35kg rib and loin we've been able to source. 

Some chops will be closer to the rib end and will have the rib cap attached giving you a bit more fat and some more varied textures, some chops will be from the sirloin end with less coverage and a single muscle eye. All of them will be richly marbled, and aged to tender (and slightly funky) perfection. 9year old

If you have a preference on whether you'd prefer rib or loin, let us know in the comments section of the purchase page, and we'll do our best, but with a single piece, there's only so much we can promise beyond that fact that it'll taste great!

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