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The Staycation Box


The ultimate family staycation box:

2 x Marinated boneless whole chickens (1kg each)

1 kg of Diced chuck 

1.5 kg Whole Boneless lamb leg 

1 kg Gluten Free Old English sausages (approx 10 sausages)

500g Smoked back bacon

6 x Burgers of your choice

4 x Chicken breasts

CARAVAN COFFEE of your choice

12 x Fenton Farm Eggs

1 x Sauce Shop ketchup

Please pick your favourite type of coffee (you can also choose an option without coffee), marinated chicken and burgers.

You can also request alternative sausage choice or swap Beef Diced Chuck for Minced Chuck by typing it in the Special Notes box above.


For the Ingredients please check: Peri Peri Boneless Chicken, Herb&Garlic Marinated Chicken, Marinated Boneless Lamb Leg, Old English Sausages, Grass Fed Beef Burgers, Sauce Shop Ketchup , Lamb burgers, Maverick Beef Burgers

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