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  • Pork Dumplings by Barry Horne

    Pork Dumplings by Barry Horne

    (makes 50 approx)


    250g Pork mince (minced twice)

    2 cloves garlic 

    30g ginger

    1 tsp sesame oil 

    1 spring onion 

    Soy to taste 

    Msg to taste (optional)

    50 dumpling wrappers (find in most Asian supermarkets)


    Put the pork mince in a bowl and finely grate in the garlic and ginger. Slice the spring onion very fine also and mix into the pork. Add the sesame oil and add the soy and msg to taste, I usually start off with around 1 tbsp of soy and a small pinch of msg. Give it a good mix and take a small amount and cook it to check for seasoning. 

    Once your mixture is seasoned to your liking it’s time to set up to make the dumplings.

    Take a wrapper and get about half a tsp per dumpling, wet the edges of the dumplings with water and seal by pinching together.

    To cook the dumplings, set up a steamer with a small amount of grease proof paper in it and cook the dumpling for 4-5 mins. 

    Serve with a dipping sauce, I usually make a dinning sauce with soy, sesame oil, Chinkiang vinegar and sesame seeds.

    Alternatively you can pan fry the dumplings in a more Japanese style by adding the dumplings to a non stick pan with a small amount of vegetable oil and cook for 1-2 mins on medium high until nice one brown on the underside, then add water,cover and steam, you can also add a tbsp of cornflour to the water before you add to the pan and this will create a crisp kind of web that connects the dumpling to create what’s called “Gyoza with wings”.

  • Matzo/Matzah Ball Soup by Barry Horne

    Matzo/Matzah Ball Soup by Barry Horne
    (serves 4-6)
    For the broth:
    1 whole chicken (jointed for soup) 
    2 chicken legs
    2 white onions 
    3 carrots 
    3 stalks of celery
    5g of fresh turmeric (or ½ tsp of dried)
    5g thyme 
    5g dill 
    2 bay leaves 
    For the Matzo/Matzah balls:
    125g matzo meal (or cream crackers blitzed to a fine powder)
    3 eggs
    55g schmaltz (rendered chicken fat)
    1tsp salt 
    80ml sparkling water 
    5g chopped dill 
    Start by making the broth. You will want to cook this for 3-4 hours minimum to get a really rich, healthy broth.
    Get your butcher to joint up the chicken for soup, keeping everything, add this to a large pot.
    Roughly chop the vegetables and add to the pot along with the herbs and turmeric and a nice pinch of black pepper ( turmeric has great anti inflammatory properties but you need to activate this with a good pinch of black pepper).
    Cover with cold water and place on a medium high heat, bring slowly up to a gentle boil, (you don’t want the stock to ever boil as it will give you a clearer nicer broth). When it comes up to the boil, turn down to a gentle simmer, skim any scum that rises to the top regularly as this will also give you a better end product. 
    While the stock is cooking, it’s time to make the Matzo/Matzah balls, these are a traditional Jewish dumpling made with matzo meal which is an unleavened bread. 
    Take a bowl and add the eggs, whisk until fully beaten, add the schmaltz (rendered chicken fat) and whisk into the eggs. 
    Add the matzo meal, salt, dill and sparkling water and bring together to a dough, chill in the fridge for 10-15 mins. After 15 minutes, roll into golf ball size balls and keep in the fridge. 
    After 3-4 hours, remove the chicken from the pot and pick all the meat off, remove the vegetables and discard the herbs and turmeric.
    Strain the stock through a fine sieve and return to the pot. 
    Season the broth with salt and pepper to your liking and bring to a gentle boil, poach the matzo balls in the stock and cook for 15-20 mins covered. Return the vegetables and chicken meat to the soup and serve. Garnish with a small amount of fresh dill.
  • Beef Wellington by Barry Horne

    Serves 4


    800g beef fillet centre cut

    500g puff pastry

    250g chestnut mushrooms (blitz to a small size or very finely chopped)

    2 shallots (finely diced)

    10g thyme 

    6 slices of prosciutto

    20g butter

    25g dijon mustard

    2 egg yolks and a dash of milk for an egg wash


    Start by getting a large pan on a medium/high heat, season the beef fillet all round, add a small amount of oil to the pan and sear the beef fillet all over, don’t rush this as the more colour you get the better. When its nicely coloured remove from the pan and brush all over with the dijon mustard and pop into the fridge, get the same pan and return to a medium low heat and add the butter, then the shallots and sweat them down for 2-3 mins, add the thyme and the mushrooms and season well. 

    Turn the heat up and cook as much moisture out of the mixture as possible to ensure a better end result. When it’s looking dry remove from the pan and spread out thinly on a baking sheet and put in the fridge.

    Now it’s time to build the wellington.

    Take some cling film and put a few layers down onto a surface, place the slices of prosciutto down to create a sheet and then spread over the duxelles, add the beef fillet on top and then roll tightly, using the cling film to roll it into place. Put back into the fridge for 30 mins.

    Then lay out a sheet of the pastry and remove the beef from the cling film and place in the centre, wrap the pastry all around trying not to overlap too much and seal it with egg wash.

    Brush all over with the egg wash and do a pattern on top if you desire and return to the fridge again, you want it nicely chillies to ensure the pastry cooks properly.

    While its chilling preheat your oven to 200 degrees C, when ready remove the wellington and place on a baking sheet lined with some baking parchment, place into the oven and cook for 25-30 mins or until the optimum temperature is achieved, for medium rare you want to remove it at 50 degrees C and allow to rest for 10 mins. Then you're ready to carve and serve.

  • Turkey Pastilla (Moroccan pastry pie with Prunes and Almonds) using leftover Christmas turkey by Barry Horne

    Turkey Pastilla (Moroccan pastry pie with Prunes and Almonds) using leftover Christmas turkey by Barry Horne

    Serves 4-6


    6 sheets of Feuille de Brick or Filo Pastry

    50g Melted Butter

    2 onions

    2 cloves of garlic 

    300g-400g leftover Turkey (Breast and Leg)

    1 tbsp Ras-el-hanout

    200ml Chicken Stock    

    50g Prunes (Chopped)

    40g flaked almonds (toasted)

    1 tsp icing sugar


    Dice the onion and slice the garlic, get a large pan on a medium high heat and add a small amount of oil. Add the onion and garlic and cook for 8-10 mins, when soft add the ras el hanout and cook for 1-2 mins.

    Add the turkey to the pan and stir and then add the chicken stock, cook off some of the liquid and then add the prunes and the almonds, stir together and then place on a tray and cool.

    Get a 12” pie dish or tart case and lay down a sheet of pastry, brush with the melted butter and place another sheet on top. Do this one more time and then place the filling in the centre of the pastry, place three more sheets on top layering with the melted butter. 

    When all layered up, place it in a preheated oven @ 180 degrees C for 25-30 mins.

    When cooked and golden take out and place on a board and dust with icing sugar and flaked almonds and serve.

  • Chicken Bánh Mì with Leftover Christmas Turkey by Barry Horne

    Chicken Bánh Mì with Leftover Christmas Turkey by Barry Horne

    Serves 2


    2 soft baguettes 

    1 large carrot

    ½ bunch of breakfast radish

    ½ cucumber

    200g-300g of leftover chicken breast 

    200g pork pate

    2 tsp chilli sauce 

    10g coriander

    For the pickling liquor:

    100 ml rice wine vinegar

    100 ml water

    50g caster sugar 

    2 star anise 


    Start by making the pickling liquor, add all the ingredients to a small pan and warm until the sugar has dissolved.

    Peel the carrot and using the peeler or a mandolin, peel it into ribbons. Do the same with the radish and place into two different bowls.

    Pour the warm liquid over the carrots and the radish, leave to one side for at least an hour. ( You can do this in large batches as they will keep for a long time refrigerated )

    Finely slice the cucumber and season lightly with salt. Now it’s time to build the sandwich, slice open the roll and get the pate and smear the bottom part of the bread, add the sliced chicken breast on top and then add the cucumber, pickled carrot and radish. Add some whole coriander leaves and then drizzle with your favourite chilli sauce, close it up and serve.